Friday, September 28, 2018

Old News; Coldwater's Steampunk Festival

I'm just going to skip excuses and reasons for being to quiet on the blog and simply offer a post about Coldwater's Steampunk Festival that took place about six weeks ago.

Ya know what? I am still feeling sick from a cold I caught a few days ago. Maybe I'll extend this post. Maybe.

In the meantime, Nanowrimo is beginning to set up for this year's event. My entry won't be steampunk but I am sure many will be.

Friday, September 14, 2018

Flight of the Butterfly, Danaus plexippus (Bracebridge animals)

They take off in the face of danger; is this bravery? Those long wings seem to make the beautiful creature largely at the whims of wind. As with poker, how much is choice and how much is chance?

The monarch, big enough to be seen at a distance, is on a dandelion. The air stills and the butterfly takes off. It briefly appears controlled and there seems to be purpose. Even now, in air that is to me unmoving, there are climbs and dips for which I can assign no motive.
The whole flight was a mystery. It pushed steadily to my right then raced to my left, exceptionally fast, climbing as it went. Upon reaching trees, it climbed even more steeply, eventually passing over their tops at 12 m height.

As with poker, how much is choice and how much is chance? As with us?

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

TWIC: the elephant in the room,

Drawing an elephant without ever having seen one. Image is shrunk slightly. To see more fantastical images, follow the link.

Monday, August 6, 2018

TWIC: Game Design, Busan Science Fiction contest, What's stopping you,

Humble bundle has a bundle of books on Game Design, ranging from board games to video games to actual game theory (which I don't think is explicitly about games).
Pusan Nation University has a science fiction writing contest.

The First Kim Jin Jae SF Award Competition, sponsored by DRB Holding Co., Ltd., will be held at Pusan National University Library. It is SCIENCE FICTION (SF) competition, which is divided into three categories:
  • Literature (scenarios, short stories, essays);
  • Painting (webtoons, short manhwas);
  • Video (UCC, advertisement, short movies).
Anyone who is interested in Science Fiction can participate in the competition. The two round system will be used to choose 6 project works in total, 3 projects by teenagers and 3 by adults. The total prize money is 5.3 million won:
  • PNU Grand Prize Award: teenager 1 million won / adult 2 million won;
  • Second Prize: teenager 500,000 won / adult 1 million won;
  • Third Prize: teenager 300,000 won / adult 500,000 won.
*Knowledge of Korean language is necessary.
Who can participate: Anyone who is interested in Science Fiction | Individually or in groups of 3 | Elementary School students, Grade 4 ~ High School students and University students under 27.
Application period: August 1 (Wed) ~ October 1 (Mon)
Application method: Please visit the official website
There are currently 29 answers to What has stopped you from writing your book on Quora.

Sunday, July 29, 2018

2 Weeks to Coldwater Steampunk Festival

Festival homepage here.

The town of Coldwater is a remarkable place. Everybody knows Richard Shrivels in Coldwater and the way they boil eggs is oft-discussed. And also, they have an annual Steampunk Festival. I was busy for one of the first ones and out of the country for the next four and excited to attend this one.
Some Facebook pages:

Medieval Swordplay 
Steampunk Festival
Coldwater Steampunk Festival
and Coldwater Steampunk Festival  - Yes, the names are similar or identical but the landing sites are different and I am not sure of the sources.

The theme this year, and I only learned of it today, is Oceanic. I had been trying to figure out how to make a costume for it and this one word has given me some ideas that I should have had days ago. Chiefly, that I should look for faux-leather vinyl to wrap stuff in for a period feel. How did that only come to mind after the unrelated word 'Oceanic'?

Thursday, July 26, 2018

TWIC: butter, Tor Library, hot streaks, Quora

Leave out the butter notes: a story that either suggests how to play music better or suggests bad hearing is an excellent aid to creativity.
Scalzi on Tor Library and its effects on established authors vs new authors.
The abstract from a meta-study on 'hot streaks' in creativity and other fields. The rest is behind a paywall; I would like to read it.
Are the arts important? I say yes but there is something desperate in arguments like this one. I don't know, as if there were only one path to arts. That said, artists need to earn a living just as much as the next person.
I've just decided I want to learn about the history of horsemanship.
Quora diving:
How creative do teachers have to be?
Math requires creativity.
Creative methods of execution and murder. Asking for a friend?

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

TWIC: buy my art,

A busy week. Here are some Quora questions on the subject for my reader(s?) in lieu of my usually slightly less half-assed TWIC posts.

Why don't people buy my art? The answer is tough but sympathetic and offers useful criticism.
How can one become creative in art?
What is the connection between memory and imagination?
How can I combine creative writing and computer engineering?
I'd say ask Charles Stross or the people at Ommwriter.
Is the brain just a machine with known mechanisms for creativity?
What are some tips for writing historical fiction?