Saturday, January 16, 2010

more resources for use creatively, if you aren't distracted

This blog seems to have become merely a place for my store interesting websites and ideas until... well, I get around to them.

Today is no different.  I present to you 40 writing, music and art resources!  A sample:

  • ScriptFrenzy-Another social contest like NanoWrimo, except you have to complete 100 pages of a script during April. You may write any type of screenplay, stage play, TV show, short film, comic book, graphic novel, or adaptations of novels. You also have the option of doing this with your students and borrowing  Alpha Smart Neos if you register by February 28th.
  • One Word- You are given one word and sixty seconds to write about it. When you are finished, you have the option to publish this to your blog or on Facebook.
  • Write Rhymesstudents who are writing poetry can find more words that rhyme! Check out Kelly Tenkely’s blog post for creative ways to integrate this tool into a lesson!
  • Word Magnets- Mix text up and create new stories, poems, and more. You have a variety of backgrounds and graphic organizers to choose from. Visit Nik Peachey’s post for more ways to use this amazing tool!
  • Penzu- A free place to keep a journal or your writings. You can choose to make them public or keep them private with encryption codes.
  • Character Chart- This chart will help your students flesh out their characters.
  • Seventh Sanctum- This website provides 100s of generators for helping with creating Anime characters to finding plots for your movie or story.
  • Cliche Finder- Are you searching for a cliche but only remember a word? Try this search engine.

Oh, I do plan to be more active here.  I am currently looking for work and have a few personal problems to work out.  Expect more here by March at the latest. Expect it!

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