Thursday, February 25, 2010

Sindang Creative Arcade

An artist's market in Seoul is offering classes and assistance in craft-making for the next few months of Saturdays.  The Korea Herald has the article.

In Sindang Station, Line No. 2, they found Jungang Market about 200m from Exit 2, where Sindang Creative Arcade is located. At the market entrance, the smell of fried nokcha hotteok (a pancake made with green tea and stuffed with brown sugar) tantalized their noses. Next to the hotteok cart was the entrance to Sindang Creative Arcade. There was a mural inside the arcade hall that created an artistic atmosphere. However, Joshi found the sushi shops on each side and the smell of fish offputting. Seeing her reaction, Kang began to explain the history of Sindang Creative Arcade.
"Sindang Creative Arcade was once an underground shopping area beneath Jungang Market in Hwanghak-dong. In the past, this area dominated the market here. But, its commercial power gradually declined, until 52 of the 99 shops became empty. Then, Seoul City decided to remodel the disused space into an area for artists. The new arcade was opened in October 2009. Along this alley stand 40 small rooms for artwork stores, a large exhibition hall, and a public workshop for over 40 artists using fabric, paper, ceramics, metal, wood, and photographs. This space is especially ideal for people who want to learn these craftworks. As only part of the shopping arcade was remodeled to serve as a cultural area, a lot of the original sushi stores remain."

It's interesting how my life outside this blog is displayed here.  I have lived in Korea for over ten years.  That said, I now live a great distance from Seoul so it's unlikely that I will take advantage of these free classes.

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