Sunday, October 31, 2010

Hallowe'en scare

I'm proud of how the mannikin worked out.  The frame consisted of a hiking pole that reached from one ankle to the neck.  One bent coat-hanger gave support to the other leg and a fully straightened -but bent once around the hiking pole - coat-hanger worked as the two arms.  I used some of my son's Winter wear for the clothes.  His insulated pants were the perfect length and included suspenders that I was able to stretch over the arms, helping to tie the whole thing together.  Unfortunately, they were heavier than the pajamas I used last year.  To reduce the weight a little, I filled the clothes with inflated balloons rather than crumpled newspapers.  Still, the weight was a little excessive.  The paperclips I used as hooks needed frequent re-shaping.

The mannikin I used last year.

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