Friday, November 9, 2012

Productivity... and other links

The writer and unmade beds:
2. An unmade bed has no negative measurable impact in eternity. An unfinished book probably does.3. We will feel much better, and be much less distracted dealing with mundane tasks, important as they may be for the quality of our lives, if our calling is tended to first.
More, and discussion of his points at the link.

Scalzi feels the same way.  When there is work to be done, don't get involved in unnecessary chores. At the link, we can view Scalzi's writing room which is full of chores that will be attended to once the book is done.
I'm writing this instead of doing NANOWRIMO- again.  This means I am not the best candidate to dispute the two writers above who are actually writing and getting paid for it.  Still, I would add the caveat that making your bed might be worthwhile once you have achieved some writing goal for the day.  Taking shorts breaks away from the keyboard is probably a good idea.

Also, wear pants.  At The Awl, Alexander Chee has a list of lies writers themselves.  First is "1. Underwear is definitely pants."
..There's no shame in working in your skivvies, though. Victor Hugo used to get undressed and have his valet take his clothes away. Be proud; just know that it's not pants you've got on. Now go back to work.

If you're not writing,but rather solving mechanical problems at work or home, check out these pics from  Dark Roasted Blend.


More at the link.

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