Tuesday, October 15, 2013

TWIC (Mid-October)

Gord Sellar looks at children's books and the messages they carry here and part two, here.

At Slate, Paul Ford looks at bikes as overlooked tech in post-apocalyptic stories.  Specifically, Citi-bikes, the rental bike program in New York.

One in ten Icelanders has written a book.

Allow me to introduce:
 the Dalton Camp Award, an essay competition honouring the memory of a great Canadian journalist and political actor who, among his many achievements, was one of FRIENDS' founders in 1985.
This year, we have increased this Award to $10,000 in order to encourage more Canadians to think and write about the links between media and democracy.
Please take a moment to consider persons you know who might be interested in this Award – and pass this opportunity along to them.
The deadline for entries this year is November 15.The official rules, past winning essays, a video biography on Dalton Camp, and other details about the Award are available from the Dalton Camp Award website:

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