Friday, October 31, 2014

First words in 2014 Nanowrimo

I'm sitting at the kitchen table, it's about one AM on November first, and I've got some strong tea in front of me.  To be sure I'm awake I ate far too much chocolate so I may be shaking a little as I start typing.  Time to fire up Ommwriter.
Okay, 1745 words.  Time to go back to bed.
An excerpt:
" Oldham was still cruising, still relaxing and enjoying it.  Soon, he would have to fight the wind and look for signs of direction and strength.  Now though, he cruised.  This was his last chance to talk and he used it.
"I hope you'll be warm enough", he said and risked another glance at the new guy's, Kasher's cotton robes.  There were a lot of them but none were particularly thick.
"So do I", responded the man with a mild accent. "Sir Oldwife's representative stated that appropriate clothing would be provided.  "I've spent some time in the Thar Desert and the nights are cold there.  These clothes held up then."
Oldham smiled.  "You'll wish it were that warm where we are going.  I'm more concerned about the wind, I guess."  He took a last drink from the German, lidded beer stein and pushed it back into its clip.  Another glance at the instruments.
He pulled a wire and Kasher knew a flag was waving behind him.  A flag for Canneau to, uh, do something mechanical.  The heat in the cabin increased briefly and Kasher knew Canneau was loading the box with more of the strange coal."

The working title is Nepali Steampunk.

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