Tuesday, February 10, 2015

gotta pay the bills

I think I read a book or short story or two by Andrew Offutt. To be clear, I am not talking about any of the hundreds of pornographic novels he wrote.  The link is to an article by his son who was tasked with cleaning out his dad's office after he died.  It includes details on how he worked.  The website has some kind of block on copying so below is a screenshot (click to enlarge):


I really enjoy Grant Snider's comics and posters.  Maybe I'll buy one or two for my birthday this year.  I am held back mostly by the lack of space to hang them -my walls are concrete, as is normal in Korea and they sweat enough that tape does not stick and driving a nail in is challenging and permanent. A recent poster, about problems with words, is great.  Here is a small clipping.
Read the rest at the link above.

On Twitter, he says:

Kim Young Ha says you should celebrate your child's first lie as it is a an act of creative generation.


Some more advice from Canada Writes on CBC.

More on infographics at Scientific American (Sci Am first covered the subject in January).

If you're working on infographics, then you might be interested in some Venn Diagram apps and online resources. Here's one.  And another.

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