Sunday, March 13, 2016

TWIC: Chrome Music Lab, conferences, better living, Sanderson's lectures, legal issues for copying and much more

Music lab: Play with music and set up a simple drum kit and play some more.

creativity in language learning conference.  Aside from the date and location, I have few details:
Friday 23 September 2016
The Open University, Milton Keynes, United Kingdom
Ah. More here.
The aim of this one-day conference is to explore the nature and role of creativity in research in the field of language learning and teaching and to share ideas about approaches that go beyond those more commonly used. Through a series of plenary talks, presentations and workshops, the conference will examine the following in relation to language learning and teaching research:
  • definitions of creativity
  • the facilitation of collaboration and interdisciplinarity with a particular focus on bringing together researchers and practitioners in the field
  • creativity in the development of research design including creative methods and methodologies
  • creative ways of disseminating research findings
  • creativity in researchers' training, their practices and positioning
  • creative ways of using language in all aspects of the research process.
In going to such a conference, you might want to know the reasons Thompson's presentations are better than others. Having heard the man speak many times, i gotta say he knows how to present very well indeed.
Creativity can make us better at life.

From the list at the link, creativity teaches us the importance of persistence and sacrifice and patience and the value of delayed gratification
Brandon Sanderson's creative writing lectures online.
He taught several years at BYU and recorded his 2012, 2013, and 2014 course lectures from there. What this ends up being, when watched as a whole, is basically a FREE UNIVERSITY COURSE IN CREATIVE WRITING. That's exciting, so I put it in caps. If you're looking for creative writing tips, or creative writing lectures, and you want them for free...this a great place to start.
These bug suitcases are not illegally similar.
Copying and copyright are similar, so here is information on a class on fair use for kids.
There isn't much money in writing.
According to a survey of almost 2,500 working writers – the first comprehensive study of author earnings in the UK since 2005 – the median income of the professional author in 2013 was just £11,000, a drop of 29% since 2005 when the figure was £12,330 (£15,450 if adjusted for inflation), and well below the £16,850 figure the Joseph Rowntree Foundation says is needed to achieve a minimum standard of living.
Note really suitable for this blog, but still an interest of mine: cycling and triggering sensor-controlled traffic lights.  I guess the list of ways to try to trigger a green light is creative; it runs from physically pushing the 'walk' button for pedestrians to installing an electromagnet to the base of your bike.
Mr Shrockpocket and Henry Walton
In my recent review of The Journals of Thaddeaus Shockpocket – Victoria, I noted the family members are unique role models who refuse to be defined by anyone else’s rules. Shortly after publishing the review, Shockpocket author, Henry Walton, contacted me to say that he was thrilled that I had picked up on the personal idiosyncrasies of the Shockpockets and wondered if other readers understood the back stories and messages in the journals. We agreed to do an interview so that Henry could expand on the story behind the story.
Proselint, a style checker for cliches.

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