Saturday, June 4, 2016

Someday never comes

Maybe today I'll write.  I have the time, just like I did yesterday and the day before.
Fred Clark at Patheos Slacktivist might as well have been discussing writing while discussing Untold Millions are still Untold:
This was a song about the importance of evangelism, which was a major theme in our church. Not evangelism itself, mind you, but the importance of it. We believed, fervently, in the importance of evangelism, and we demonstrated this belief by gathering regularly for sermons on the topic of the importance of evangelism, and to sing songs like the one above reaffirming our commitment to the idea that evangelism is really quite important. (To be fair, I’ve experienced something similar in mainline Protestant circles where the importance of justice is a major theme.)
This preoccupation with the importance of evangelism produced a constant state of guilt and anxiety which, in turn, occasionally prompted us to actually attempt the thing itself.
Clark has written two books and you can read an excerpt from one and find links to both here.
Yeah, I'll finish my book someday.

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