Tuesday, November 1, 2016

informal survey of creativity

A few ESL instructors in South Korea (or mostly in SK) responded to a request to fill out a survey to share their opinions on creativity and students.  I was one of the respondents. The survey was done on Survey Monkey and respondents were found via Facebook so I offer no confidence that the results represent the opinions of any group larger than the 17 who were involved. Still, there may be something of interest. Here is my paraphrasing of the results

6% (1 in 17) thought that creativity cannot be taught. The rest thought "yes" or "maybe"
75% feel it is not related to discipline problems. Some thought it improves discipline. (creative teachers? creative students? Activities to encourage creativity?)
80+% feel creativity is important for the student's future.
90+%  feel it is important for humanity
90% feel the products of creativity are not always good or novel (I don't know something can be creative but not novel)
90% feel that outside forces can inhibit creativity - The person administering the survey was surprised by this result but,true or not, this is the standard position of ESL instructors in South Korea who see students crushed and shaped into multiple-choice-test taking machines.
1700 words for Nanowrimo yesterday. Now I should get off this blog and add to my story.

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