Monday, March 29, 2010

creativity killers

The Korea herald has an article about ways to block, blunt or reduce creativity.

The article, by Aaron Raisey, is a review of "The Inspired Eye" by David duChemin*, which is about photography.

There are ten 'creativity killers' in the book and Raisey describes four. The listed examples appear counter to common sense: one in particular says that if you want to be a good photographer, don't take your camera everywhere. The reason seems to be that you need a rest from photography so you can be refreshed when you return to it.

Creativity killer No. 1: Not knowing when to set the camera down
Creativity killer No. 2: Impatiently press the shutter
Creativity killer No. 3: Own and carry expensive gear
Creativity Killer No. 4: Become talented and take yourself very seriously.

My own brand of creativity killer seems to be too much planning and not enough action. Thinking about being creative rather than being creative.
*I cannot find this book at Amazon. David duChemin does have many books out and one , by Michael Freeman but on the duChemin page, is called "The photographer's eye".

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