Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Hominid paints

The Big Hominid is an internet friend of mine.  I found him online as we were both (I still am) Korea-bloggers.  He works in education for money but also tries his hand at a variety of art-forms.  At his blog,you can find his series of '100-below' - stories of less than one hundred words.  You can also find calligraphy he has worked on and I think he has a Cafe-press account for his art.

He has just attempted a new form, oil painting.  Learn about the making of Maqz and Satan: Part 1&2, 3, 4.

I wouldn't know if the painting shows signs of anything, but I do admire his willingness to try new things.

Some Big Hominid mugs from Cafe-press:

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