Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Yahoo news teasers as prompts

If you want to know more, click here.

Before you do, think about the 11 other times it is better to spend a little more up front:

(somewhat) serious:
batteries, underarm deodorant, medicine, first dates, university choice, bikes, rain coats, haircuts, umbrellas,

brothels & prostitutes, shoes, interview clothes, ...Dang, these aren't very silly.

Having looked at them, I can see that the online answers were sillier than mine.

Number 1: Vending machine snacks.  The advice, order (high quality) snacks online.  I can see how that would save money, but preparing your own snacks at home would be even better.  As a bonus, the reduced packaging would be better for the environment.  This point also leaves out the socializing potential of visiting the vending machine.  I would guess it is similar to a coffee break and people might gather there.

Number 2 is just sad: Don't just separate to save money; go the distance and get that divorce.  It is probably good advice, but a tough thing to discuss.

This isn't a home-ec blog so let me comment on just one more thing before I conclude: Extended warranties(#6):
Overpaying for extended warranties
"The cost-effectiveness of extended warranties is minimal and simply put, they're generally a bad idea," says Schrage.
In fact, retailers typically enjoy a greater gross profit on the extended warranty than they do on the product they're selling.
Standard warranties should be just enough to get you by. 
On the flipside, if your PC or laptop breaks down, forgoing the extra $50 or $100 could cost you hundreds for wear and tear. 
That's good adv...oh, wait, no it isn't, chiefly because there is no advice given.  Get the extended or not?  At the end of the segment, you are still left in the air.

I think Yahoo lists these teasers to increase 'page-view hits' for the purpose of selling advertising.  It's really annoying, but if you want prompts to brainstorm over, there are new ones every day.

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