Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Muskoka Novel Marathon

I actually bought a book (well, an e-book) of Muskoka Novel Marathon material a few years ago.  Each story seemed fine but incomplete.  Now that I see how the work was written I better understand why.

The marathon takes place in July - and nowhere on their site could I find specific dates - and writers have from 8:00 PM Friday until 8:00 PM Monday to write.  They can bring in one page (double sided or in tiny font...) of their story preparation.  Each writer is expected to have $350 of sponsors for the YMCA Literacy Program.

On Twitter today, I saw that one beneficiary of the Marathon, a one-time student of the Literacy Program, will herself be writing this year.  Fantastic.

Her story is here on video.  The MNM Twitter page is here.

I have written a lot about writing but haven't done all that much of it.  This woman has shown amazing bravery and has likely moved far from her comfort zone.  A new hero for me and I wonder if I should follow her example.

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