Sunday, January 5, 2014

back to work

I have a lot to do this month and some of it will require creative thinking.

In just over a week, the little guy and I will return to Korea and I have to figure out a way to pack and carry all the things we want to take with us.

I haven't finished the story I wrote for InNoWriMo.  Yes, I did write more than 50,000 words but the story isn't done - in fact it is stuck at beginning of the exciting climax!  I am not sure how exciting that news is, but the climax itself is so exciting as to deserve that exclamation mark.  I've got to finish the story, then start revisions.

In Korea, at my job as a professor of ESL for Dongseo University, I am taking over as manager of the English Cafe events and need to plan what is to be done there.  The typical program has included a daily games hour and a daily showing of the Simpsons.  I like both but also want to add and change the program.  I would love to somehow add a sports competition between the English, Chinese and Japanese cafes.

And, to fill in some time now, I am working on a spoon.  The wood is just something I rescued from the fire kindling pile and cracks unpleasantly under my knife but the shape is working out.
The pencil you see was sharpened by the little guy with a Gerber Dime, a Christmas present I gave him.  Reports on the quality of the blade are not great but it is the right size for him and fine for him to practice with.  It took him around forty minutes to sharpen that pencil and he is learning what angle to use and how to draw the knife back during the cut.  He wants to do more but I am reluctant; I know he will cut his fingers a few times and want to delay that a little longer - no blood in this post, but I cut my hand twice in the beginning stages of carving his cheetah.

My son's writing project went well until we traveled to Alaska for Christmas.  I am hoping he will return to it and will push him a little to do so.  As for now, we have returned from Alaska and he has one more week with his Penetanguishene friends before leaving them - I won't distract him now.

I have writing projects in mind and want to carve at least three Christmas gifts this year - turkey will be extra.

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