Saturday, January 4, 2014

Working on a creative idea doesn't look like working on a creative idea.

At Words, Pictures, Humour (the final word is incorrectly spelled the American way), we see how the author subconsciously worked on a cartoon idea for six years before hitting on the best way to frame it.  Below is an in-process image, halfway to being worked out.
The process wasn’t so simple, but as I retrace my steps in those six years, I can definitely see the formula for success. My approach was to say “whatever,” move on to the next thing, forget completely that I had ever done this cartoon in the first place, go to sleep, get up the next day and drink coffee, eat and drink as I usually do, work at some stuff, work at some other stuff...
Follow the link to see the original image -rejected by the New Yorker - and the final image - accepted.

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