Sunday, May 25, 2014

Citations and links for Korea Around the World

UPDATE: For my ESL students, I have another blog.  At the English Cafe in my university, I prepare English content, including posters.  The poster series that went up today is titled "Korea around the world".  I thought that I had posted this content on the ESL blog instead of here.  One of the posters includes a QR Code that leads to this post so i cannot delete it until after the posters come down on Jun 5.  Oops.  Sorry if anyone was confused about this content.

The posters on display at the English Cafe from May 26 to June 5 contain images from these locations:
Korea around the world
1) Cars, Phones
2) Food
Choco Boy 초코송이
“Kimchi, a part of Korean culture, isn’t too big in the United States. By mixing it with tacos, we’re bringing it to mainstream New York. I love introducing people to something they don’t know about.”

Who: Christian Manzo, 27
What: Part-time worker at the Kimchi Taco Truck, which serves up Korean barbecue-inspired tacos stuffed with marinated beef, braised pork, and chicken. The truck’s owners fused their Korean heritage with their Philadelphia roots, resulting in a Kim-Cheesesteak Sandwich. All kimchi is made in-house.

3) Athletes: Bak Chan-ho, Kim Yeo-na, Pak Se-ri, Bak Tae-hwan
4) Korea Towns

5) Korean Karate

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