Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Congratulations, Mr Scalzi!

My new favorite podcast is Surviving Creativity.  One worthwhile point that is framed by two humourous extremes is the income from their work.  While private, the bounds are clear.  They are making a satisfactory living while not making millions.  The create because they enjoy it, not because it is the path to fabulous wealth.

I think John Scalzi would say the same. He's a science fiction writer who has really put the time in and written a variety of stories in a variety of settings and seems to always be writing.

Well, I think Scalzi would have said the same.  Now, with a $3.4 million contract for thirteen books over the next ten years, he may be too busy buying diamond studded pets to have time to talk to the likes of me.  The rationale for the great deal is that while not often a bestseller at any one time, his books sell for extended periods - his back catalog remains valuable.

I've read four of Scalzi's books and have  mixed feelings about them. His Old Man's War series started great and might still be; I only read the first book.  His books Red Shirts and God Engines started with cool premises but seemed to fall apart, or at least not retain their power, at the end. Still, I've read four books; he's clearly doing something right.

The New York Times on his book contract.  Scalzi's blog.

His book You're not fooling anyone is on my to read list.
A book I am, yes, anxious about will be sent to my Kindle on July 14.  I am referring to the possibly senile Harper Lee's Go Set a Watchman.  I want to love it as much as to Kill a Mockingbird but, ...

On the fifteenth of that month comes a less acclaimed book but one I am more certain will scratch the right itches.  Charles Stross's the Annihilation Score.

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