Sunday, June 7, 2015

Authors: grow a thick skin (part 2)

First example to be found here.

As a wannabe writer, I sympathize with a published author who finds a bad review.  My own stories, which still have not escaped my computer, are precious things and if/when I decide to show them to the world,well, a bad review of my book is nearly a bad review of me.

Well, nearly.  I identify as a writer but also as a father, husband, teacher, .... and I do pretty well at most of those things most of the time.  A bad review would hurt but not destroy me.  I hope.

I may name the book, the author and the reviewer and there is enough information below to Google the identifying details but for now, let me avoid names.  Ah, how do I quote people if I don't link to them.  Links possibly coming soon.  I have ordered a sample of the book for my Kindle and will post more after I read it.

The review:
This was unnecessarily wordy and pretentious. I just did not enjoy it at all. .... So how did I loathe this so entirely from page one? I don't know.
The author's response:
This review is not good for my business, so unless your desire is to ruin my dreams, it would mean a great deal if you could remove this review from my work and forget about it. But if it’s your desire to hurt me financially and ruin my business, then it’s understandable why you would post such a harmful review.
The book might describe a conspiracy theory judging from further comments.  Here is an excerpt from one:
But you left a 1 Star review on someone’s life’s work, someone who is trying to warn people what’s going on in this world so that they can protect themselves and help others, and think that is a moral action. 400,000 children go missing each year in the US alone.

To be continued.

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