Monday, June 1, 2015

Summer plans - or their lack

I'm not sure what I'm doing this summer.  I normally work at an ESL camp for a few weeks and that option exists but I haven't seen  any local ones yet.

I love swimming and need to get some serious ocean time in. Beaches are okay but I need some rock to snorkel over and explore.  And I need to teach my son more swimming and some snorkeling as well.

In related news, my fitness goals and plans are just about perfect.  In late May, I reached an average of one run every two days.  That is, 75 (in fact, 78) runs in 150 days. I need to keep pushing to build a cushion for the rainy season and winter's cold.  Just last week, I added ten pushups and 15 situps a day with the plan of adding 5 to each every Sunday.  It's a modest start, but clearly will grow to significance then cripple my shoulders.

As for writing. I like Beth Moore's plans and need to adapt them to my own circumstances.

Follow the link to see the whole image.
Ommwriter is promoted in this blog post, as are several other sites, apps and add-ons.  I am using Scrivener for my current project but my two Nanowrimo successes are partially due to Ommwriter's great product.

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