Thursday, October 29, 2015

TWIC: even quicker links than usual

I am preparing for Nanowrimo and am an ML (Municipal Liaison) this year.  It is taking a lot of my time.  My posts have usually been of the overview sort rather than in depth analysis.  Expect me to hew even closer to the norm for the next month.

Here are the links that I hope help you make it through the month of light blogging.

The essence of Miyazaki.

Christine Frazier at the Better Novel Project works to understand novels at the numbers or statistics level.  She fills index cards with quantifiable details.  Recently, she noted that many top rated YA novels have 20 characters introduced in the first chapter.  Her work reminds me of  Jessica Hagy's work with numbers and details on index cards.
Stephen King has ten tips for writing.
There are two articles up about young people being involved in Nanowrimo.  Both are audio that I haven't yet listened to.  Sadie Nastor is nine. The others are eleven.

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