Friday, October 2, 2015

TWIC: Fun Palaces are Places for participants, not spectators

Boingboing has an article with a video describing Fun  Palaces, places for people to make their owns ways to be active, learn and create.  As mentioned before on this blog, I am concerned about the future of libraries and the article describes how they are getting involved.

Declining E-book experience.  I am satisfied with my Kindle - even very satisfied as I am the sort who likes to carry much of a library with me and am in a bad location to get paper books.  And yet, even I see that the reading device could be designed better.  I do like the Kindle's focus on one thing - reading.  I can surf the internet if I need to, I mean really need to.  At the same time, I can use a book as a paper weight or (once) as a cutting board.
The Art of Manliness tells us that writing a book is hard to do.  The author of the piece had to write three of them before selling one.  He isn't necessarily advising against it but he is encouraging informed participation.

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