Wednesday, July 11, 2018

TWIC: Quora, poor artists, interview, writing graphic novels

On Quora, how to make fantasy character more intriguing.

Also on Quora, an author, I think Mercedes Lackey, wrote about how she does not do seat-of-the-pants writing now. She needs a clear ending before she starts writing. As this is (one of) my problem, it is good to hear that I can be, and should be proactive about it. She suggested Beat Sheets which the link offers an explanation of. Here are some of the beats, minus the explanations:

Opening Image -
Set-up –
Theme Stated (happens during the Set-up) –
Catalyst –
Debate –
Break Into Two (Choosing Act Two) –
B Story –
Similar templates for organizing a story.
The National Writing Project Knowledge Base.
We believe that the Knowledge Base will be useful for a range of Writing Project work. Nonetheless, we particularly wanted to address the needs of potential teacher leaders who will enter Writing Project sites via new pathways beyond a traditional summer institute. These might be teachers in a hybrid summer institute, for example, or in a year-long program focused on a specific content area, or in a program for community-based educators. Our goals have been to identify foundational resources with the elasticity to introduce Writing Project principles to an increasingly diverse population of teachers as well as to gather content that is specific enough to speak to emerging teacher leaders from such a range of experiences.
Stress over bills doesn't build character and improve your writing; it is just stress.
CBC interview with Canadian author Dania Tomlinson.
Maggie Tokuda-Hall asks for, and gets, some help on how to write for a graphic novel.
Jeff Rider, in that thread, says:
I still write a LOT of the physical panel descriptions, specifically to position characters in a shot so the 1st speaker is in the correct position, indicate mood via facial expression, or indicate time of day and light sources. ESPECIALLY if I’m working with a new Collaborator.

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