Wednesday, December 2, 2015

reader immersion

Words typed:
Tuesday Dec 2: 532

There are strange things, inconsequential really, that knock you out of a story.  Often, they are so trivial that you are given the name 'Grammar Nazi' or 'Grammar Police' for pointing them out. Well, often I am.
I know that my own grammar is not what it should be and that is especially true on this blog.  I feel my blogs are a place for nearly-first drafts, for stream of consciousness writing. I do return to older posts and make corrections but they don't bother me too much here -despite my understanding that such errors will drive my reader(s?) crazy.

In works that I prepare for a specific audience - articles for the campus magazine or the like, I do reread and spell check them more carefully.  I hope I don't have too many errors of the sort listed here: 51 things that break reader immersion.  The author reads an indie book while in her/his treadmill and notes if s/he got through 40 minutes of reading or not.

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