Saturday, July 9, 2016

I had some fun answering this question on Quora about evolution

Read Brian Dean's answer to
on Quora
Top ten things to say to someone that says all that Darwin said is nonsense:
10 “Goodbye.”
9 “Quote or read two full continuous paragraphs that Darwin wrote.”
8 “Tell me three things that Darwin wrote about.”
7 “Ha, ha, ha, ha”
6 “Which is untrue or nonsense in the following three premises?
  1. Offspring show variation and this variation is at least partially hereditary.
  2. More offspring are born than can survive
  3. Different characteristics will show different rates of reproductive success.”
5 “Are you aware that there are many feathered dinosaurs (Top 10 Feathered Dinosaurs)?” Don’t actually say the link - that’d be weird in conversation.
4 “Are you aware of the fine grained transitional fossils between fish and amphibians (List of transitional fossils)?” Don’t actually say the link - that’d be weird in conversation.
3 “Were you home schooled?”
2 “Here is The Origin of Species. It is not the most exciting writing but it is entirely readable for a layperson. (”
1 “If Darwin bothers you, read the work of any of the thousands of scientists since then who have confirmed and expanded his theory into one of the best supported theories in all of science.”

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