Monday, August 29, 2016

Click Bait: How This A 22-Year-Old Girl Became a Millionaire in Only 30 Days

This how a 22-Year-Old Girl Became a Millionaire In 30 Days
Sara settled back into the cramped bus seat.  She had just completed a degree in criminology and now a bus was all she could afford to return to her parent's home in eastern Oregon. A long night on the bus north to Boise, then a wait of two days before a bus could take her near Jordan Valley so her parents could pick her up.
She was from a small WASPY town so foreigners and minorities stood out to her.  On the other hand, her four years in Las Vegas had taught her something of tolerance and acceptance.  For example, she mused, her parents and eight out of the nine in her graduating class would probably stare curiously at the dark-complected man sitting across the aisle and one seat ahead of her. His long, loose clothes would protect him from the sun and cool him at least as well as the shorter, tighter fashion Sara and her friends preferred.  They were reasonable and practical but they stood out around here.
Idly, she studied him more closely.
... At Boise, she called the local police and after well-meaning officers tested her possible racism and bigotry, they arrived and arrested Abu Mohammed al-Adnani.

Sara had to wait thirty days for the paperwork and such to be completed but then she received her $5 million reward.
And yes, the original ad is missing 'is'.

I started with a mind map and nothing really felt right until I added 'Western' as a genre.  Things took off from there. I had considered going into Sara following the man or her training or how a '22-year-old girl' was the epitome of a tough western law-person. Then I figured, screw it, these click-bait stories are meant to be short and fun.
I want at some time to write a story with sex in it. I feel awkward writing even that I have that desire -to write about it, whatever my comfort with engaging in the act - but this prompt and image with lots of bare skin made that direction feel like victim-blaming or bigotry on my part.  Perhaps when I get to 'Granny's weird trick to improve vision' I will explore that subject.

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