Thursday, August 25, 2016

Incheon Ant channel

While not exactly 'creative', the images of animals I intend to post here on occasion will probably be a sign of my curiosity about the world.  That's got to find the theme of this blog somehow, right?

First off, the image is about ants who have created a path, with piled sand on both sides, making a channel.  I will not be writing about a TV channel!

Ah, when introducing my plans for adding images, I specifically stated 'exhibition quality'.
You can see that was optimistic.

Both images are from Yeonsu Gu, Incheon.  I have never seen anything like them before.

There have been many studies about how ants find or follow a trail. Here is one example (details here):Trail following in worker ants (Lasiusfuliginonus) in relatively still air. The straight red line marks the centerline of an odor trail. The dotted blue line denotes the path of the ant. The ant in “A” swings right and left across the trail, presumably bringing one antenna to an area of discernibly lower concentration before turning in the opposite direction. In “B,” the ant’s left antenna has been removed and she overcorrects her course to the right

The image below is what I consider the basic or standard type of ant pile or ant hill.  It was among the first returns when I searched for 'ant pile'.  I shrank the image slightly so if you want to see it full-size, look here.

I think this image does fit with the theme of 'creativity'.  If only to me, it shows a new way of performing a task. Or a new something, anyway.

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