Friday, August 26, 2016

Thinking about carving my (golf)balls.

I have carved the cores of a few golf balls before but am suffering from a lack of imagination for any of these.  I tell people my hobby is wood carving but I haven't done enough to get good enough to want to do more yet.

In the past, I have carved two elephants into cores.

The lower ball in the picture has a strange pattern drawn on the shell and '2015' so I've clearly had it for a while.

At the upper right is a Pasteur Milk golf ball. I have worked at a school near Pasteur Milk in Korea and the company once funded the school.  I want to give this ball to a teacher there.  He is German and teaches history.  His hobby is bug-hunting. Hmm. Beer-drinking mosquito?

Online resources for golfball core carving:

Suggestions from the Northwest Carvers Association.

III. Preparing the center for carving: (All sorts of subjects can be carved into the center. Here are hints to doing a face.

a. Planning and drawing the face:

1. Patterns can be found in many sources--magazines, books, paintings. You can copy expression and muscle movement from your own face.
2. Find the center, place lines. If you plan to use a hat or a beard you need to be sure to have space for these. (See Example 1)
3. I draw the nose a bit larger to leave room for error (See Example 2)
Patterns from carver's compantion. Here are some cropped examples:
I think this carver's exchange is ongoing.  You register with them and commit to carving one golf ball a month for six months and send off to others while collecting the same from six other carvers.  I guess this means you could carve the same thing six times.

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