Sunday, August 28, 2016

Incheon Animals: immature Keelback Snake

I was in Jeju for the weekend with my in-laws, celebrating my mother-in-laws seventieth birthday.  My photos of that time are okay and I may share one or two but they are nothing noteworthy. 

This cutie is, though!

My dog ran right over this snake but its regular pattern caught my eye and I took a few pics.

 You can see the 100 won coin, about the size of a quarter, added for scale.

The head is diamond shaped and the posture it took tells me it is venomous.

Keelback snakes have the same pattern but are normally a beautiful red around the head and first quarter or so of its body.  They are also a meter or more long at full size. For now, I am calling this an immature keelback and corrections are entirely welcome.

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