Monday, June 28, 2010

technique and ability

Without being knowledgeable about art, I can still say that Picasso had creativity coming out his ears. What I like about this drawing is how simple it is. (Image from Wikipedia)

What I take away form this drawing (in addition to my enjoyment of Don Quixote) is that I might be able to draw this myself. My own ability to draw is quite low but I can still dream to create.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Sculpting with clay

My son asked for and received some 'Light Clay' for his birthday. It works like the play-dough I grew up with, but, as advertised, it is very light and easy to manipulate. The little guy made some blobs and asked me to make him something. I'm kind of proud of my dragon.

Creativity is described as 'production, not reproduction". Still, reproducing things is a way to gain a little technical ability and you finish with a pleasant end product, so it can't be all bad... And, I need a lot of improvement in my technical ability!