Sunday, May 31, 2020

Still Alive - that normally doesn't sound so grim!

I go through phases of frequency of blogging and usually when I return, or briefly return, to blogging, I would have a post titled, "Still alive..." In the past, and especially fifteen years ago when I was a young(er) man, that was pretty flippant and easy to write. These days, Yes, I am still alive and that means a little more than it did four months ago.

One reason I have posted less is that my work has, ironically, increased! I am now a full time worker at my Long Term Care Home and will be at least until the Covid crisis is over or under control.
I have not caught Covid and my employer has done a great job of being proactive in making safety precautions so that we have put policies in place before the government required them. For example, my workplace required me to work only at it or to stop working at it. Admirably, it also gave me more hours so that choosing it exclusively was not a financial hardship. A week or two later, the provincial government required LTCH workers to work at only one location. 

Ah. let's have a work picture:
I presume it was clear, but my residents don't naturally have blurry faces. I have just put a little effort into anonymity for them.
Anyway, most days, I have something drawn on my mask. The goggles were a spur of the moment thing because we had cut down Styrofoam cups for planters for our basil and dill.
Some creativity links:
I have some soapstone and am going to learn a little about how to carve it. Mrs Clone's Sculpture Class.
Touring the Van Gogh museum.
Some people like weird text editors. This one is write only.