Wednesday, September 15, 2010

MeeGenius children's story contest

I looked at MeeGenius a few months ago and liked the site enough to register with it.  It is a collection of children's stories in which you change the names and other details so as to put your child in the story.  If you stick to the original story, it will read it aloud, highlighting the individual words as it does so.

Unfortunately, it suffered from some poor editing.  Right now, I only recall missing or incorrect punctuation, but I am sure there were other problems.  Hopefully, they have been fixed or are in the process of being fixed.

They are having a contest now with a deadline of October 31.  Here are some details from the email I received:

MeeGenius! Contest
Have you always said to yourself "I could be a children's book illustrator/author?" MeeGenius wants to hear from you! In honor of National Literacy Month, we are looking for the most creative and fun new children's book to hit our site! Join the Meegenius children's book contest and have your book published on our website and via our app! The grand prize winner will receive an Apple iPad and four runner-ups will win an iPod Touch!

More details at the website's contest page.  I am definitely interested.  I hope any readers will be, too.

Just be sure to fix any punctuation before you submit, okay?
I lust looked around the site for the first time in a while.  The books they already have available are all listed: $1.99 FREE.  Perhaps the site will go pay sometime soon.  Visit the site before that happens!

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