Sunday, February 13, 2011

drawing a bike from memory

I'm at my mother's computer and am using that as my excuse for not drawing a bike.  Still, if you want to, this website is asking for submissions.

Part of the rationale for asking for these drawing is to see if people understand how bikes work.

“… The bicycle drawing test is mostly testing how effectively your casual observation skills translate to memory and later recall. Just having good hand-eye coordination won’t be any advantage unless you are looking at the bike and trying to draw it.
I believe that what this test really reveals is that our memories are highly edited versions of the truth. The brain constantly simplifies the objects in our daily lives to symbolic representations that are easier to remember.”
What i like about the pictures are the extraneous details.  I would have simply drawn the bare bones of the bike, but some of the featured photos show bikes in use, with riders and backgrounds.  The pictures change from architectural practice to emotion-laden objects.

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