Friday, September 13, 2013

TWIC (I've forgotten what number)

Time to clean up some browser windows I've had open for more than a week.  Ah, really, I do find this stuff interesting and do feel this stuff is useful but my first sentence is entirely accurate: I'm doing this today simply to clean up some desktop space.

Bill Watterson with Advice for Cartoonists.  His advice was written into a comic made in his style.  wonderful stuff.  I'm still not sure what it is but parts of it remind me of Figment, a site that sends writing prompts and ideas every few days.

Write, forget yourself.  This simple advice given to help writers not feel too self-conscious.

Scalzi writes about Gwenda Bond who writes about the torturous path her novel took from idea to print and how each revision was different.

Artists who kept their day jobs.  Kurt Vonnegut sold cars.

Regarding my personal creative efforts, I have written perhaps a thousands words on each of two stories - one about psychic university students battling psychic mafia and the other a steam punk story currently set in Nepal.

Also, I forgot eating utensils on my trip to Algonquin Park so I had to carve new ones. Simple but functional:

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