Monday, November 3, 2014

Saying "no" and typing "the"

The podcast "We have concerns" is fantastic.  My only complaint is they laugh at their own jokes a little too much.  In October, they discussed how productive creative people know how to say "No" and how scary that is.
An article by Kevin Ashton proposes that saying “no” to things is vital to the creative process.  Anthony and Jeff wonder why they have such a hard time saying “no” and what that might mean about them.

My Nanowrimo story continues to grow at the required pace - and a little bit faster.  One extra goal I have this week is to type teh freakin' word 'the' correctly more consistently.  In one section of my story, I counted 11 instances of mistyping out of around 152 times.  I say around because I use the 'find' function on Chrome - it found 152 instances, but that might include 'them' and 'there'...  I don't recall ever spelling those words 'tehre' or 'tehm'.  I do write 'taht' and 'tahn' on occasion.

My synopsis and a review blurb by a noted published author:
A British expeditionary group, mostly in the area for research, excavates a proto-Buddhist temple whose origins go back much further than expected.

"In his Steampunk exploration of Nepal, Dean has written a tour-de-force, a stunning debut novel that will make him the new JK Rowling.  He has somehow managed to retain a YA rating while including gritty violence and religiously fueled horror and remarkable sex scenes that made me blush."  Predicted review by Cory Doctorow, Dec 12, 2014.

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