Thursday, April 30, 2015

Movie making

This blog isn't a place particularly for my rants or opinions on feminism but when the opportunity arises.... Shit people say to women directors (and other film staff).

If I haven't linked to Every Frame a Painting before, I apologize.  I know little about movie making, but Tony Zhou makes me think I do.  In this video essay, he discusses Welles' F is for Fake.  One point for any narrative creator is the idea of "meanwhile, back at the ranch".  To hold people's attention, it is better to have concurrent stories so when one gets bogged down or when it reaches a high point, you can switch to the other one.  Or an other one.  Examples in the essay came from Star Wars among others, where Leia, Solo and Chewie are doing one thing and Luke is doing another.

I wonder if this is why I prefer podcasts with two, or a few more, speakers.  George Hrab seems to stand alone as a one-man show in his podcast.  Most seem to be more like a monotonous monologue.  The energy increases as the two speakers set each other up. When one falters, the other takes over.  Or not, and that is kinda funny too.

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