Saturday, May 16, 2015

Doodlin': it's not (just) for problem students

Doodling can enhance learning and display a better understanding of the material taught.

I enjoy doodling as a teacher.  When I can explain a word or idiom with a picture, I get to work.  In nearly twenty years of teaching, my drawings have not improved so much as they have simplified; The essential elements of what I want are clear and the embellishments I wish I could add are missing.  I particularly enjoy drawing 'Yeopgi Yeong-eo" or Bizarre English.  I don't have a good example to hand but will add one to the post when the opportunity arises.

Suggestions from the link above - copy-n-paste wasn't working well so I printed the screen a few times (click to enlarge):

Many examples of sketchnotes are available at sketchnote army: they all look like they would have taken too long to do in real time.  Perhaps they were started in class and we are seeing clean notes derived from a rough copy done later. Rereading and rewriting your notes is a good memory aid on its own.

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