Monday, October 19, 2015

Stories with my son

Two nights ago, we slept at the in-laws after a wedding.  My son asked for some stories to help him sleep.
For the first story, I asked for a country, an animal and a fruit. My son offered: Canada, squid and pineapple.  I used a Korean pun to suggest that this squid - I think nameless in the story - was a 'San' ojingeo.  "San" probably means fresh or alive in this context but normally means 'mountain' (ah, 'ojingeo' means squid.)  So this squid was swinging from the trees on its tentacles in the mountains of BC.  It would drop on squirrels and eat them.  My son was horrified about this so the squid started trying fruit and broke into a greenhouse to eat pineapples.
Not a great story, but it had its fun moments.
For the second story, I asked for an insect, a school supply and a farm tool.    The story revolved around Jimmie Mosquito and his farming hoe and an eraser.
The final story was about a computer, the game Minecraft and an apple.

Again, none of the stories stand out as thrilling or had twist endings but my son was entertained and the stories held some surprises.  Good stuff.

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