Friday, November 20, 2015

TWIC: 2 quick notes

Alan Moore has advice for writers.  I'm too busy procrastinating on the writing i need to be doing tonight to watch it now, but I will.

Via Boingboing.
Yeah, that sounds like really useful research. Sarcasm makes you more creative.  Are teenage boys the most creative people in the world?
This is not the first set of studies showing that creativity can be boosted by things that would commonly be considered creativity killers. In one series of studies, for example, researchers found that moderate noise can be an untapped source of creativity, providing a welcome distraction that helps the brain make disparate associations. In addition, alcohol is believed to aid creativity, up to a point, by reducing focus and relaxing the mind.
Sarcasm can be interpreted negatively, and thus cause relationship costs. So, how do we harness its creative benefits without creating the type of conflict that can damage a relationship? It comes down to trust. Our studies show that, given the same content and tone, sarcasm expressed toward or received from someone we trust is less conflict provoking than sarcasm expressed toward or received from someone we distrust.

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