Tuesday, January 26, 2016

How Weiland uses Scrivener.

She discusses how it helps her outline and plan her novels here.  As she points out, Scrivener has so many features that it is a difficult program to use well enough to make it worth while.  But when you do learn how to use it, it is very worthwhile indeed.  Part two is here.
Ah, she discussed how it helps her.  Her post is from 2015 - Though I am interested this time, I normally find automatic reposting of content annoying. If you want to annoy me, I think Hootsuite is the way to go - it doesn't have to be annoying, BTW.  Hootsuite manages various social media pages for you, allowing you to strategically write a blog post and promote it on your own Facebook or group and Twitter and, etc....  I think it can be used to repost older material if you have no new material coming out.

She offered a live webinar around that time. You can view it for $79 at Writer's Digest.

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