Monday, February 26, 2018

TWIC: creature building on Quora, Quillbot, imagination vs knowledge

On Quora, I answered a question about animals with both lungs and gills. Frances Dougherty, the questioner, is trying to write a story about mer-folk and wanted to somewhat realistic creatures in it.Some excerpts or explorations of his story are here.
Quillbot is a grammar and thesaurus app.
I like the increase and decrease option
I answered the following question on Quora: “If it is true that imagination is infinite? Can you imagine a new color and what is the name of that new color?” Some of my answer:
I don’t know if imagination is infinite but it is large. I like this question because of the contrast between knowledge and creativity.
I think a physicist could not answer this question, or at least could not offer an imaginary colour. They might state that the three primary colours we see are all elements of light and reflection and new colours would break the physics of light. They might offer something like vantablack. Or perhaps a difficult colour like the purple of ancient royalty that could only be achieved using a specific mollusc around Egypt (Why Is the Color Purple Associated With Royalty?).
A less knowledgeable person, like me, could more easily say, yes, I am imagining a colour between red and blue which you can only see when you wake up and have, uh, sleep-sand in your eyes. Once you rub the sand from your eyes you cannot see it. Ghosts and magicians use it to leave messages while you sleep so when you awaken, only you can see it. ...
Since I mentioned a conflict between intelligence or knowledge and creativity, here are some examples on Quora. I don’t think these are questions I have answered although I might have done so with one or two of them.
Is creativity intelligence?What is the relationship between intelligence and creativity?How do I raise children without limiting their creativity and intelligence?What do you admire more: Intelligence or Creativity?\
How is creativity better than knowledge?Does knowledge limit creativity?
The rest of my answer is on Quora.

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