Monday, March 26, 2018

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I taught what was probably my last ESL class in Korea last week. It was a presentations skills class for a multinational technology company. The recruiter, a third party that hired me to teach, might have another class in the next three weeks. Otherwise, I am basically done as an ESL educator. Or at least done in Korea.

I am conflicted and confused about what I will actually do in Canada. I will be there for a few months and then my wife and son will join me. This is the time for me to make a living being creative! This is the time for me to write that story to completion and revise it til it glows and get it out there. This is the time I need to work for myself and make things happen.

But it seems I am not a good boss. I have written the full 50,000 words toward a complete novel four times now with Nanowrimo but I have not completed any of those novels in the eleven months between Nanowrimo festival. I completed a lot of paperwork for my wife's immigration to Canada so that is one thing out of the way. I really do have the time. The next three weeks, even if I do teach another Presentations in English class, have lots of free time to write. This next period is crucial to seeing if I really can be creative professionally.

A few years ago I took an online class in creativity, run by Tina Seelig at Stanford University. In the course she strongly evangelized for brainstorming and I felt (and feel) that the effectiveness of brainstorming is uncertain, maybe even controversial. And yet, when I took the class, I decided to dive in and be as enthusiastic as I could be. Positivity all the way. I needed to make this decision because I knew at the start that the theme was music and that music would be a forced connection to other ideas. I am not a musical person and I knew I had to try, to involve myself. It worked. I had a great time and learned a lot, even that brainstorming has several rules I was unaware of and, as a case study, appeared to be more effective than I had imagined.

I need that positivity now. I am scared of what what will happen in May and I need to be excited about May. Fighting! (A Korean/ Konglish word used as a cheer)

Alright, on to some links of creative work to inspire you in This Week In Creativity.

A neural network has made some D&D stuff. The link goes to new animals the program put together, but the programmer or computer or software (I really gotta catch up on terminology) has also made spells and more.

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