Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Nanowrimo: sharpening the ax

Yesterday, the words flowed and I got ahead of my word count. Eventually, I completed a specific scene and needed to start a new thread, a new situation.

I know that I could have found another 100 words but it would not have been easy. So instead, I sharpened my ax. By this, I mean, I wrote notes and planned the next scene and decided where it would take me. What did the characters need to say to move the story forward and such.

I like the ax sharpening metaphor. I first heard it in a lateral thinking question. Two men are chopping down trees and both work for 8 hours. One works the entire time, chopping away while the other stops after 50 minutes and sits for 10 minutes and chopped more trees down. Neither man were tired and both also took lunch and bathroom breaks. How did the man who worked 50 to the other's 60 chop down more trees?
The who who stopped every hour sharpened his ax and so each swing of his ax was more effective.

Here's hoping that yesterday's planning makes me faster today!

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