Monday, December 31, 2018

Walking stick gift

My wife is not Canadian and in her country did not much celebrate Christmas. She is all for getting our son gifts of entertainment and educational and clothing types but doesn't want gifts herself. I do. And I didn't want to have zero gifts for her under the tree.

One thing I knew she would like is a gift I made. She and I have made things for each other in the past with hers being the more beautiful. She no longer makes Hanji boxes or lights but the ones she did make were remarkable. I apparently don't have photos of them quickly available. Here is a Google Search for Hanji papercraft.

Anyway, I made a walking stick for her. It started as a one foot long dowel and I carved a little, added a rope with a cool knot, measured to her size and then added a copper ferrule to keep the bottom from splitting. Click on any image to embiggen them. 

I think I found the idea of using a bit of copper piping for the ferrule on a scouting website. I am sorry that I cannot find it now to offer a link.

It is a little short for me but the hand grip is quite long so I could use it or my wife could descend a steep slope and still use it when it is planted below her feet.

The staff has a long hand grip area, a Korean flag and a rope affixed with a monkey fist knot. I carved the staff down quite a bit, leaving a knob to put the monkey fist around.

I will soon make a similar walking stick for my son, probably with a half-Korean, half-Canadian flag and whatever other personalizations he wants. Then one for me. Then I will, using the expertise acquired by making three sticks, make a better one for my wife.

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