Saturday, November 21, 2009

I am inspired

I plan to comment further on this article from the Chosun Ilbo, but don't have time right now.  Below is the full text - remember to cut it into smaller pieces.
UPDATED Nov 28:  I finally got back to this post and cut the text down somewhat - don't want any copyright violations here!  I also added a little commentary.

Found here:

Choi Sook-hee, Children's Author Extraordinaire

Choi Sook-heeChoi Sook-hee
Choi Sook-hee's status in the Korean publishing industry is perhaps unique in that she is able to both draw and write. Her books are characterized by warm, subtle pictures and simple stories with a profound message, making them popular not only among children, the main target audience, but also among adults.

Animals appear frequently in Choi's books. Cats, ants, hedgehogs, ostriches and the 12 animals from Asian mythology appear on every page. To Choi, they represent different sizes, shapes, dietary habits and characteristics, and thus the individuality of each person. "You could say it's a human-centered view, but I do believe humans are creatures that have the different qualities of all the other animals in one body," she says. ...

It takes her over a year to finish one of her deceptively simple books. At each stage, from brainstorming to writing, sketching, proofreading and illustrating, Choi puts the emphasis on looking at the world from children's point of view. She often reads books on child psychology and development to get rid of her adult way of thinking.

I don't actually have many comments.  Her books seem interesting and I like that she is involved in all parts of the process.

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