Wednesday, December 2, 2009

How does creativity work?

I recently wrote a blogpost at Gangwon Notes about the DMZ and if it is a symbol for anything.  At first, the post most mostly describing and summarizing several recent newspaper articles.  Summary more than analysis.  By the end of the post, though, I suddenly decided that the DMZ should only be a symbol for war and for the unhappy people living on the North side of it.  If you want more detail, read the post.  I am proud of it.

The reason I am mentioning it here is that I hadn't intended to come to any conclusion.  The conclusion I did come to was not a surprise in itself; I am concerned with how blase' Koreans are about the DMZ.  The words and the plan to write my conclusion were founded on significant past experience but still appeared to come out of the blue.

What is it in the sub-conscious that worked out how I should end my post without any deliberate planning from my conscious mind?  It seems the same 'genius hand' that pushed an ending to the short story I posted here in November.

Again, I am not saying the story or the blogpost were objectively special or brilliant, only that the ending felt both satisfying and surprising to me.

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