Thursday, April 28, 2011

lateral thinking in the classroom

A Geek in Korea gave this as a test to his students:
Today I did “Petals around the Rose” as a final exam. I presented it as a “Lateral Thinking Exercise”, but they had to fill out a paper based on the activity. We went over the rules, and I put up a dice roller on the projector to let them guess at the answers. As they got better at the game, some of them solved it on their own.
I'm not sure if the link in the quote will carry through to my blog. Again: Petals around the Rose.

Students needed to find creative solutions for the problem and describe them in English.  Some students had a creative definition for 'lateral thinking'.
Some people’s lateral thinking was more like “lateral eye movement” as in, “look at someone else’s solution”, AKA “cheating”. I find this is a common answer among students when trying to overcome difficult problems in classes.

I talk about this kind of thing but don't do it as much as I should.  Nice work, Geek.

BTW, it took me three rolls to figure out the game.

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