Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Jack and the B......

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I am proud of the idea for these pictures.  In the first, we learn about "Jack and the Beans Talk."  They are talking about Greg Mortenson, Three Cups of Tea and Three Cups of Deceit.  I think Fedarko was the ghost-writer for Stones Into Schools, which I have on my Kindle but find unable to read now I more of the story.  The author of Three cups of Deceit defends Fedarko and suggests he was given too short a deadline to both write the story and research it.

Jack: It's say how Mortenson has actually damaged relations with Pakistan.
Bean 1: The CAI has a lot to answer for.
Bean 2: Yes, but do you think Fedarko also deserves blame?

In the second picture Jack and the Bean Stalk a rhino!  They are busy with hand signs as they walk through the tall grass.

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