Monday, January 30, 2012

A few names added to the sidebar.

I just added Stephen's Lighthouse, and heart of innovation (link is to 100 ways to increase creativity at work - for the current page, look at the sidebar).  Shelly Terrell -whose blog I follow, but don't appear to have noticed this post from a year ago - is also worth mentioning.

From 100 simple ways to be more creative:
3. Tape record your ideas on your commute to and from work.
8. Go for a daily brainstorming walk.
22. Transform your assumptions into "How can I?" questions.

43. Ask yourself what the simplest solution is.
44. Get fast feedback from people you trust.
45. Conduct more experiments.
45. Ask yourself what the market wants or needs.
46. Ask "What's the worst thing that could happen if I fail?"
47. Pilot your idea, even if it's not ready.
97. Make drawings of your ideas.
Other on the list are varieties of brainstorming and ways to improve collaboration.  I approve of both, but chose to list ten that were more unusual to me.
Terrell focuses on goals for the year and works up some interesting and very specific ones.  Here are here for creativity:

Short-term- Have a lesson where your students are allowed and encouraged to explore several options and discuss which one was a success and which not so successful.

Long-term- Support an art, music, or drama, or other creative program in your school. If the school is lacking a program then help students create an event/club that supports creativity. For example, in my church we hosted monthly open mic shows and served coffee and snacks to raise money. 

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